Goldendoodles of Maine

Breeding Quality Mini, Medium and Standard F1 and F1b's in Maine

                                                             Planned Litters

1.  Ellie was be bred to Ziggy for mini F1b's.    These should be 20 pounds and under.      Ready Middle of June 2018.  Wait list Full

2.  Ivy was bred to Mickey for Teddy bear English F1's.   These should be standard size and cream to white in color.   These will be 50 plus pounds.  These will be ready to go home in July. 

3. Daisy was bred to Mickey for F1b's.   These should be cream in color.  They should be 40-55 pounds full grown.     These should be ready to go home in July. 

4. Maggie was bred to Jack for Teddy bear English F1's.  These should be 45-55 pounds full grown. 

5.  Delilah will be bred to jack for red F1b's.  these will probably be 45-55 pounds as adults.     Ready middle of August 2018.