Ginger (Libby & F1Jack pup) Ginger (Libby & F1Jack pup) 191106799 191106800 191106801 A true Mainer - she loves Lobster 191106802 First Bath 191110894 Brrr.... it's chilly after a bath! 191110895 Playing frisbee @15 weeks I love how she cocks her head to one side when you are talking to her. 192587792 Lazy doggy 192587793 Singing the blues Singing along to our daughter's violin practice. 192587794 They don't really want me on the couch but I'm here anyway! 194432237 Cuddle time! 194432238 What do you mean I'm too big for this chair? 194432239 I'm too cute to lose the couch battle! 194432240 Darn! She caught me again!! 194432241 Selfie!! 194432242 Look who's 6 months?? 7/31/14 194432267 Look who got groomed!! Ginger is just the softest dog ever! Her coat is so soft you want to just pet her forever. Good thing she likes so much love!! 195100229 196894214 196894215 196894216 First birthday! Looking good in her party hat!! 197315549