We believe that dogs need to be kept as pets and want to keep all our breeding parents as cherished family pets.  A guardian home provides a home for our breeding dogs.   This will ensure that our parents have the most wonderful life possible.

Benefits of providing a home for one of them means.....

At the end of the agreed upon breeding period, typically four litters, the dog becomes the full property of the family.

You will receive a top quality breeding dog or puppy to become a member of your family, that is chosen by the breeder. 

The dog is placed with its forever family, and never has to find a new family when its breeding period is over.

Health testing will be done on the puppy at the expense of the breeder when  breeder determines it is necessary.

Some of the things required to be part of our program are as follows.....

All breeding rights belong to the breeder until it is determined that the dog is done breeding and no breedable dogs of the opposite sex allowed in the same home with the guardian dog. 

Live within a 2 hour drive

Feed quality food

That the family accepts full responsibility for the socialization,training and loving of dog.This includes basic puppy training classes either at home, or at a training class.

Puppy/Dog is not allowed off leash outside a fenced in area.

Willing to return the dog to us for the breeding and whelping period.

Agree to regular health, and veterinary care, and vaccinations.

Keep in good communication with us concerning the health and welfare of the dog and may include updated pictures to post on our site.

Keep up with the grooming needs of the dog.


We are looking for a few Guardian homes.    We have a medium Poodle  female looking for a home and will have a female Golden Retriever looking for a home end of November.